2024 Peach Keen

December 28, 2023

BY Jackie Bueg

Pantone selected Peach Fuzz as the color for 2024. Immediately I heard my childhood friends' voices singing out "Peachy Keen". The memory resonated with the warmth of summer fun - theme parks, swimming pools, scout camp, and riding a bicycle.  I hope 2024 will bring all that joy and happiness to us all.  Where will you let the joys of peach slip into your world? Peach smoothies? Peach enamel jewelry? Peach floral dress or tie?  Wherever peaches find their way into my world, I will endeavor to allow that hopeful energy to push me to fulfill my goals. I want to find growth and success everywhere I look, not just for me, but for all the communities I serve. And when someone asks how things are going, I want to answer "Peachy Keen" with a big smile and my whole heart.