Is the mail by yet?

April 8, 2022

Is the mail by yet?

By Jackie Bueg

MAIL. Do you remember running to the mailbox because you saw the mail carrier pull away? Rember the excitement and anticipation of a possible letter from a friend or a pen pal? The joy of a postcard from a friend who was traveling could make you feel like they weren't so far away. Here are a few ideas to bring back some old-school joy.

ONE. Share some of that joy again with your special customers or your new customers? Not a business solicitation. No coupons. No sales flyer. Just a note that says glad you're here. A handwritten note or at least one with handwritten signatures. Have the whole staff sign.

TWO. We all complain about how full our email is. A simple postcard may be the best alternative. Everyone flips through the mail at some point. There is nothing to open with a postcard. If the image is enticing and the message is simple, think headline and 3-4 sentences with a QR code, people will respond to the call to action.

THREE. Mail an offer to fellow businesses, board members, etc. When other professionals know what your store is all about, they can use your services.  You could even beta test a new service before offering it to all your retail customers.

FOUR. Send a thank you. If you just filled a corporate order for 20 gift baskets, a quick thank you note or small gift to the sender is the perfect way to show appreciation.

RUN. Well maybe walk or drive to your USPS and share the joy.