Product Education

March 15, 2023

By Jackie Bueg

Do you remember what happened when you found a new item at the show you truly thought was innovative and your customers would LOVE? Most likely a well-educated sales rep or the vendor themselves explained WHY.  Why is this something of value?

Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner states in an article for,

When we educate customers we: 

  • Help them get more value from our products
  • Engage them and build an authentic connection
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Stand out from the competition

This isn't simply about giving instructions, but also the WHY. For example, Prabhuji's Gifts has beautiful chakra candles with a die-cut lid. They are 100% pure soy and 100% pure cotton wick. When a store goes to retail them they should also ask WHY.  

WHY this lid?

  • helps the candle burn completely
  • the design reflects on overhead surfaces to help in the meditation process (For best results, remember to trim                 the wick to 1/4" before lighting.)
  • is made by Fair-Trade artisans in India

WHY these scents?

  • blends of essential oils
  • reduce issues with lab-created fragrances that can aggravate health issues like migraines 
  • mood-inspiring aromas fulfilling the intentions related to each chakra

WHY this candle?

  • Crafted using ancient Kundalini wisdom to open and balance chakras
  • Packaging includes the information needed for chakra meditation practices
  • 100% Soy burns clean in the environment
  • Sustainability - no artificial colors and the jar can be repurposed
  • Certified Vegan

Don't forget to ask your valued rep the WHY's of the products they carry. More importantly, don't forget to tell the WHY's of the products you carry.