Sales Training vs. Product Training

February 14, 2020

BY Jackie Bueg

You have a vision for your store. You want your customers' experience to be peaceful in an oasis of pampering bliss or maybe full of laughter and mirth surrounded by funny and impetuous gifts or any idea you have of great shopping experiences. The emotion and feel your customers leave with is defined by your store's sales training. The compliments your customer gets for the perfect item they leave your store with are because of the product training your store has received. Both sales and product training are important. 

Let's begin by focusing on sales training. Greet each customer sincerely. Ask what you can help them find today. Ask a few information-seeking questions as you walk them to the section of your store that has products fitting the descriptions they have given you. Explain the difference between the options (This does not mean the price.).  Ask which item you can take to the register so your customers can keep shopping. Make a suggestion for a complimentary item or greeting card to add-on to the sale. While they are paying for their purchase be sure to sincerely thank them for shopping with you and why you appreciate them.

Next, let's talk about product training.  You can't explain the difference between the options if you are not knowledgable. Your knowledge of where a product was made; if it's small-batch or artisan; if it's food, microwave, and dishwasher safe; or any other detail may be the difference between you getting the sale, you getting showroomed or the customer going with the cheapest option when they would have been happier with the most expensive because of the quality and value for the dollar. As your connection to the vendors I represent, I am always happy to help with product knowledge. Please treat me like the great resource I am. Any time I'm in your store I am happy to review the product with your salespeople, bring samples for you and them to experience and mostly become the product experts you deserve to be.