Why do I need a rep to visit my store?

May 21, 2019

By Jackie Bueg

There are many great services a rep can perform while they are in your store.  Clean up and reset displays.  I will even cross merchandise my vendors' product with other vendors' product. The only way we both win is when your customer falls in love with something enough to purchase it. Get to know your customers and their tastes. While I'm resetting displays I don't ignore your customers because if they don't buy, neither of us have an income. If I chat with them, I may find out your high school football team is going to state or there is an annual golf tournament. All these tidbits show me what inspires them. Help get product returns approved by vendors. Ever have a product that was never checked in?  Then when the box is opened the paint job is faulty and it's been over a month.  Most times I can get this fixed. Often we have specials that only we can offer because we negotiated for them on your behalf. Please don't leave money on the table because you think there isn't enough time. The better our relationship the more I as a rep can offer.