After the Show

August 21, 2019

BY Jackie Bueg

So you've been to the trades shows and now you have totes of notes and catalogs and orders.  Don't let it become an avalanche of paper that you can't find through.

  • Sort your orders! You could use ship dates, display ideas or alphabetically by vendor. Use a method that makes sense to you and that your staff can reference.
  • Create signs and shelf talkers! Give your customers a bit of info about why this product is a must-have or what excited you about it.
  • Social Media Buzz! Get your customers talking. Did you take pics at the show? Give them a peak a blurred image that the might be able to guess what's coming in new.  Have a catalog and you can't decide between the Living Coral or the Sea Scape Blue? Take a facebook poll. Most popular wins it.