May 5, 2020

BY Jackie Bueg

Persevere - that was my word for the year. I planned out my social strategy and my sales visits and new presentations. I started with perseverance in mind because late winter snows weren't going to derail my plans. Then I was told, you need to shelter in place to protect your husband. I will persevere and focus on my social media (FB videos)and virtual presentations (youtube). It will only be for a few weeks, right? 


Persevere - not just for myself. For my family, who doesn't get to leave the house except for rides in the car and walks around the block. For my friends, who lost their home and everything they own to a fire. For my vendors, to try and rework seasonal order ship dates so they can manage production and shipping times when they have to social distance their staff, if they were able to stay open at all.  For my stores, to help customers find who's open for curbside, at-home delivery, or shipping.

I'm here!

I will do everything in my power to keep orders flowing in such a fashion that stores have enough products for their wonderfully faithful customers. I will share posts, tweets, insta, and whatever else I can to let people know who is still out there and how they can be reached.  As we open up slowly and mindfully, I ask that you all be safe, respectful, and gentle. For some reentry into the IRL (in real life) is going to be frightening. Even though they want to share in your joy and excitement, there is someone at home they are trying to protect.

I will wear my mask to protect you. Please, wear a mask to protect my family. Thank You.