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Australian Natural Soap

Shipping Cap

  •  Orders over $200 have shipping capped at 12%

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Benjamin International


Blaze International

  • Order $500 an receive 3% off

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Capstone Esoterica

  • Orders over $1500 get free shipping
  • Lift gate and additional services extra  

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Crystal Journey Candles

  • Orders of candles only over $1100 get free shipping
  • Order 18+ boxes of votives and get a $1.00 per box discount

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Inner Traditions

  • Free shipping
  • Lesser priced 13th book is free

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Makes Good Scents

  • Orders over $125 receive 6 free packs to offset shipping costs.
  • Orders over $300 get 2 bundles of incense free (customer's choice)

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Nature's Artefacts

  • Orders over $750, freight is capped at 10%
  • Orders over $1000, freight is capped at 7.5%
  • Orders over $2000, freight is capped at 5%

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Peter Grimm

  • 25% Off 36 piece assorted Best Seller Underbrim Lifeguard Hats
  • Free Display, Holds 36 pieces
  • Use Code: Free Display

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Poppin' Paper

  • Free freight for orders over  $500
  • Half freight for orders over $250
  • Offer ends March 31

Prabhuji's Gifts

  • Order $35 and receive  Free Freight 
  • Order $500+ and receive a 5% discount and FREE shipping! 

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Red Wheel/ Weiser Books

  • Free shipping on orders of 12 pieces, mix or match titiles

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

SJT Enterprises

  • Order $350+ and shipping is 5% of the order amount 
  • Order $600+ and receive FREE shipping
  • Order 2+ displays shipped to one location at one time and receive Free shipping and a 5% discount.

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

Sun's Eye

  • 50% off freight on orders over $800

(Offered through Spirit Sales)

US Games

  • Order $450+ and receive 5% of the order amount (Excludes pre-orders)
  • Free Freight No Minimum order, lower 48 states only
  • Sales ends March 19, 2023

(Offered through Spirit Sales)